Holidays in Sicily

Sicily is one of Europe’s most beautiful and fashinating islands. Visit this magnificent territory and plan your holidays in Sicily to enjoy the magical atmosphere of its towns, all with different traditions, art and culture.

Dive into the local celebrations and festivals, find all the information about events, itineraries and the best beaches for a summer holiday in Sicily.

Take advantage of some great deals in different towns of Sicily, staying in hotels, residences, country houses, camping and more!

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A fabulous place waiting to be explored, enjoy any of the selected itineraries: from the beauty of nature to history and tradition, from sports to food and wine, and from the culture of the sea to that of folklore.

Any time of year is the perfect time to visit Sicily and its unique flavours and landscapes, its mountains and volcanoes, but above all, its crystal clear water, the beauty of the seabed and the utterly gorgeous colours.

Are you planning a trip to Sicily? …search for the hotel that best suits your needs and your vacation will be unforgettable!

“Sicilia, terra di suli, di mari e di ventu”

Augusta, Balestrate, Cefalu, Isola delle Femmine, Pachino, Petrosino, Pozzallo, Santa Croce Camerina,
Terrasini, Trappeto, Ustica e Vittoria
places of uninhibited beauties, golden beaches and the Mediterranean sun, the ideal destinations for your holidays in Sicily.

Calendar of Events

Festivals, Music and concerts, food and wine events, exhibitions and so much more.
To make your stay on the Sicilian coast even more memorable!


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