About us

Sicilian Journey is a web portal funded by the Distretto Turistico Pescaturismo e Cultura del Mare in Sicily. The association’s aim is to offer the reader useful information to promote member territories. The website has an online reservation service connected to each structure in the member territories and promotes tourist packages so that the visitor can get the most out of their stay in Sicily.
The Distretto Turistico Pescaturismo e Cultura del Mare promotes 12 member cities on the Sicilian coast: CefalĂą, Vittoria, Terrasini, Isola delle Femmine, Santa Croce Camerina, Trappeto, Balestrate, Pozzallo, Augusta, Ustica, Petrosino and Pachino. The actual structure of the Distretto is still developing and evolving as it strives to increase the number of adherents.
The objective is to provide increasingly sophisticated promotions surrounding the culture of the sea, as the name indicates. One fundamental element is the region’s wealth of accommodations.
The Distretto is a public organism whose intent is to gather and distribute resources for tourist activities and promotion of the territory.
The Distretto is active with various promotion and communication activities. For more information, we suggest you visit the institutional website: http://www.distrettoculturadelmare.it/distretto.html