August: Fish Festival in Pozzallo

Now in its 48th year, this is one of Sicily’s oldest and most famous festivals and was created to promote sales of fresh local fish and other traditional delicacies. It is now even further enlivened with live concerts and talented street artists that entertain the visitors and local populace alike. It usually takes place on the second Sunday of August.
On Piazza delle Rimembranze, around a huge frying pan some 4 meters in diameter, seafood (cuttlefish, calamari, shrimp and octopus) is the undisputed star of the evening. The pan, set on a special raiser, is equipped with baskets on slides that provide it with tons of fish which, once fried, is transferred to trays and served to the waiting crowds by dozens of waiters. An amazing amount of fish is consumed that day, also served to the thousands of visitors in a variety of other ways: on pizza alla marinara, as risotto alla pescatora, in pasta, grilled swordfish, as seafood salad, with olives, capers and lemon, and so forth. For the past few years, this celebrated festival has been prolonged to last for three evenings.