The Feast of Madonna Assunta and Fish Festival – Trappeto

When it was time to celebrate their Patron Saint, families with boats would get together in the small fishing village of Scaro (lo Scalo) where they would decorate them in the most festive of manners and then, obeying orders shouted by the heads of the families (the skippers of the boats), they would race the boats, both the row boats and the bigger ones, and even the Uzzareddi, small boats with four rowers and a helmsman. The festivities continued with the ‘Antenna a Mare’ (or Antenna of the Sea, a horizontal soaped pole with a banner at the end), a competition any male inhabitant over thirteen could participate in. The festivities also include a Fish Festival and, in the afternoon, Mass at the little church followed by a procession through the narrow streets of town to get the statue of the Madonna to Sacro for a procession to the sea.