Cefalù: the perfect holidays in Sicily

Cefalù is located at the foot of a rocky promontory on the northern coast of Sicily and can be easily reached from Palermo, just 70 km away. The town, which looks out over the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a member of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy association. The hotels and tourist villages of Cefalù attract an international crowd and meet the needs of all budgets. There are safe and lively beach facilities as well as cultural routes steeped in mythology, history and nature. The surrounding territory, which is part of the Madonie Park, offers visitors plenty of walking trails over the sea shore and the fortress to enjoy nature at its best, and to visit interesting archaeological areas, megalithic structures and impressive monuments.

The layout of the historical centre of Cefalù is medieval, its narrow streets paved with rounded beach pebbles, and the limestone of the fortress of Cefalù. The town’s most famous monument, which in July 2015 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Duomo, or Cathedral. Legend has it that it was built following a vow made by Roger II after he survived a terrible storm and landed on beach here. The Duomo is home to precious mosaics from the Byzantine era, including a beautiful depiction of Christ the Pantocrator in the apse.

Another fascinating place to visit is the public wash-house, known as the Lavatoio Medioevale (Medieval Wash-house) adjacent to Palazzo Martino. It can be reached going down a small staircase of lava rock and lumachella, an ornamental rock graced with fossils, at the bottom of which are a series of tubs filled with water that flows in through twenty-two spouts and then out again through a small hole into the sea.

Considered one of Sicily’s finest seaside resorts, Cefalù attracts a myriad of visitors in summertime who relax at the sidewalk tables of the restaurant and bar-lined piazzas and streets and lend the town a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.