Isola delle Femmine

Isola delle Femmine is just a few kilometres from Palermo as you head towards Trapani. The town is named after the island facing it, called Isole delle Femmine (or the Island of Women). Several legends explain the origins of this name, most of them linked to the presence on the tiny island of a tower – now mostly in ruins – thought to have been a prison for women only.

Both the oldest tower on land, known as the ‘Inside Tower’ and the one on the island, known as the ‘Outside Tower’, belonged to a system of watch towers that ran the entire length of the Sicilian coast.
The municipality of Isola delle Femmine encompasses two nature reserves: the Isola delle Femmine Reserve, run by the LIPU and created to safeguard the local flora and encourage the nesting of migrating birds, and the Capo Gallo Nature Reserve.

The depths of the sea along the shoreline varies between the area separating the island from land and that facing the open sea. Both are home to several Roman and Greek archaeological finds, and to more recent relics. The water is crystal clear and allows divers to enjoy the natural beauty of the seabed surrounding the island. Those who prefer a less adventurous outing can visit the marine reserve on catamarans with glass bottoms that reveal the stunning beauty of the depths.

The Isola delle Femmine area is blessed with gorgeous sandy beaches that turn the water a turquoise blue as well as lovely rocky shores dotted with little coves. The town’s many restaurants offer diners plenty of fine seafood and to make evenings more fun and relaxing, the bathing facilities turn into disco-pubs at night.