Pachino is famous for its delicious small cherry-like tomatoes (called pachino tomatoes) and is located at the south-eastern tip of Sicily, 51 km from Siracusa. The beaches of the Pachino region follow along the coastline for some 8 kilometres. The most famous beaches here are the Lido, Cavettone and Morghella on the Ionian coast (going south from Marzamemi), while the Mediterranean coast boasts the Cuffara, Costa dell’Ambra, Scarpitta, Chiappa and Raneddi (Granelli) beaches all the way to Ulisse harbour. The seabed along the Ionian part of the coastline here colours the water a gorgeous blue, while the Mediterranean shore has emerald green water. It is rich with fish and fishing constitutes an important industry, much of the catch slated for the market in Catania. The fine seafood restaurants and the clean water of the sea make Pachino a very popular tourist destination, with a substantial flow of both Sicilian and foreign tourists, not to mention an area popular with windsurfers thanks to wind speeds that make conditions ideal for this particular sport.

The fishing port of Marzamemi is particularly popular with tourists, a small fishing village with a wonderful beach and a sea to rival that of the Caribbean. Marzamemi was founded under Arab domination in the 10th century and it is to them that we owe the first saline (salt flats), tonnara (tuna processing plant) and casuzze arabe, or arab huts. Two churches look out on the main square, an old one and a new one, both dedicated to San Francesco di Paola. The town also has a Mother Church dedicated to the Holy Cross.

Enjoy some time well spent at the Calafarina and Corruggi grottoes in the area between Marzamemi and Portopalo. Pachino is a great home base from which to strike out and visit the Isola delle Correnti (Island of Currents), in the Portopalo area where the waters of the Ionian Sea meet those of the Sicilian Channel. You can get to the Calamosche beach rather easily from Pachino, and even go see the Eloro archaeological remains and the Vendicari fauna oasis and nature reserve between Noto and Marzamemi, one of Europe’s most representative wetlands whose importance from a naturalistic point of view is internationally recognised.