Petrosino is some 45 km from Trapani and boasts a sea of crystal clear water. It encompasses an extensive area that goes from the coast to the inlands and the Margi wetlands. The landscape of the coastline is utterly beautiful and includes several beaches. The currents along the coast make sure the water is always clean and transparent, and the sea here is home to numerous types of fish, making it ideal for scuba diving down to as far as 60m. Along the water’s edge are beaches of fine sand as well as stretches of rocky shore. At the northern end, between Torre Sibiliana and Punta Biscione, the rocky cliffs can go up to 30m, while in the southern part there are beaches of varying lengths interspersed with rocky shores. Torrazza beach is one of the more famous and is a wide and beautiful stretch of sand, very popular with bathers to enjoy the crystalline water and the many services offered by the beach facilities.

The area around Petrosino can merge the needs of the young vacationer with more rural and maritime traditions, and the many water sports (kite-surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling and diving) with the peace and tranquillity of the fishing village.

Petrosino is Italy’s most concentrated winemaking region and makes a significant contribution to the excellent wines made in Sicily thanks to the fine pairing of vineyard and sea breezes, which makes the experience of sampling local products truly unique. It’s a rural setting just waiting to be calmly explored visiting the local baglios (farms), simply enjoying the pristine nature of the Margi (wetlands) or sampling organic products.

Petrosino boasts several important monuments, like the Torre Sibiliana, Torre Montenero, Baglio Woodhouse (built by an English Marsala merchant) and Baglio Spanò.

The gorgeous water, healthy air, mild climate and fish-rich waters make this a haven for fishermen. A wide series of events aimed at raising awareness of the territory and its specialties, and at attracting tourism, make Petrosino a fascinating place just waiting to be discovered.