Pozzallo – the beauty of this small seaside resort lies in its lovely houses and streets, in its shoreline with lovely panoramic terraces, the setting for countless events that render the summer season lively and interesting.

Tourists come here not just for the clear water and golden beaches, but for the many quality pubs and restaurants, for evenings filled with summer fun.

Located on the southern coast of Sicily, just 100 km north-east of Malta, it is the most important point of tourist contact with that island nation. Set right between the long beach that lines the crystal clear sea and inland areas steeped in art and history, Pozzallo is also a great departure point for visiting the Baroque beauty of Hybla and the Noto valley.

Pozzallo’s most famous landmark is the Cabrera Tower that, together with the ancient door of the Portosalvo Church, looks out over the historic piazza in front of the stone bridge. Other monuments worth seeing are the Art Nouveau buildings of Piazza delle Rimembranze, Palazzo Municipale and Villa Tedeschi, which constitute the town’s most important architectural heritage. Right behind the old square is the old residential area of Pozzallo, the Vicci district, where the intricate layout of narrow streets and alleys lined by delightful little houses has been beautifully restored to maintain the charm of the old neighbourhood.

The mild climate and the beauty of the architecture make this an ideal place to visit at any time of year to enjoy a lovely vacation.