Santa Croce Camerina

Santa Croce Camerina is some 20 km south-west of Ragusa. It is famous for its beaches and for its coastal suburbs: Casuzze, Punta Bracceto, Kaukana and Punta Secca. Its origins date to ancient times, to when the first settlement (598 B.C.E.) was called Kamarina.

Punta Secca is the most popular of the coastal suburbs of Santa Croce Camerina thanks to an Italian TV series, Il Commissario Montalbano, based on the novels of Andrea Camillieri that was filmed here. In the series, the coastal residence of the commissario is actually a house on the town’s square. This same square is home to the Scalambri Tower, one of the defensive watch towers built to protect the people from seafaring Turks, Saracens and Barbarians. It was within sight of other local towers: to the west with the Santa Croce Camerina and Vigliena di Punta Braccetto towers and to the east, some 5 km away, with the Cabrera di Marina tower in Ragusa.

One of the main sights in Santa Croce Camerina is the XII century Mother Church, the Chiesetta del Carmine, built in the early XVII century and then rebuilt in 1876, and Palazzo Vitale-CiarciĂ , home to the great Festivities Hall graced with a magnificent limestone floor with pitch-stone inlays dating to 1811. Also worth a visit is the Caucana Archaeology Park between Punta Secca and Casuzze as you head towards Pozzallo.

The lovely beaches of fine sand and the bits of rocky shoreline make Santa Croce Camerina an ideal place for anyone who loves the seaside, and a great place from which to tour the wonderful places featured in the Montalbano novels.