Terrasini – Sicily is some 30 km from Palermo as you head towards Trapani. Easy to reach from the Falcone-Borsellino airport, Terrasini looks out over the Gulf of Castellammare in the stretch of coast that goes from the Ciucca shore to the beach of San Cataldo.

The town boasts a gorgeous panoramic location over the coastline, dotted with outcrops and rocky stacks. It is famous for its pristine water, its lovely colours and gorgeous beaches.

Not far out of town is the Capo Rama nature reserve, a white rocky cliff with a XVI century watch tower from which you can observe various types of reptiles, birds and foxes. Although you can see some lovely monuments inside the town, the surrounding countryside is home to some real gems of architecture, many half hidden among the olive, lemon and orange groves. Places like the elegant Art Nouveau Villa Fassini owned by the Florio family and whose design is attributed to Basile. In the Bagliuso district alongside the mountain range overlooking the city is the XVII century Gazzara castle. The Terrasini coastline is dotted with ancient watch towers that once served to warn the people of the imminent arrival of pirates or Saracens.

After you have enjoyed the beauty of the Terrasini beaches and sea, you should not miss this chance to visit the fascinating beauty of Palazzo D’Aumale. It is home to a museum of Roman antiquities and nature displays. More importantly, however, it is also home to a very important museum devoted to the famously colourful Sicilian horse or donkey-drawn carts. Here you will find perfectly preserved examples that bear witness to the richness of Sicilian culture, with decorations that transmitted knowledge, a XIX century equivalent of books, if you will, where historical episodes from popular novels and religious books were depicted.