Your holidays in Ustica for snorkeling and diving

Ustica is blessed with a rugged coastline of rocky cliffs over the sea, the home to gorgeous caves, coves and inlets. Ustica is one of the most fascinating places in Italy to practice snorkeling e diving. The locals earn their living fishing and giving visitors hospitality. Ustica is, thanks to its crystalline waters and rocky coastline, a paradise for scuba divers. The marine life and flora around Ustica is not unlike that of tropical waters, with coral, sea anemones and a rich and varied vegetation. It was declared a Marine Reserve in 1987.

The many grottoes, rocky shores and coves that grace the shore can be visited by boat (fishermen in the harbour will take visitors with their smaller boats to be able to safely enter the caves), but also by land. The more famous grottoes are: grotta Verde, grotta Azzurra, grotta della Pastizza, grotta dell’Oro, grotta delle Colonne and the rocky shoreline of Medico and Colombara.

Ustica also has some gorgeous beaches: Cala Sidoti, Punta dello Spalmatore and al Faro, as well as great rocky bays that create natural pools along the western side.

The island of Ustica has a mountainous backbone at the top of which is a place called Guardia dei Turchi, or Guardian of the Turks, once used as a watch tower to spot distant enemy boats.

Over the course of time, two watch towers were built, the Torre di Santa Maria and Torre Spalmatore, both part of the watch tower system that lined the entire Sicilian coast. The first tower is now an archaeology museum, the latter houses the offices of the Marine Reserve.

The centre is graced with picturesque roads and villages, with stairs often draped with gorgeous hibiscus flowers. You can visit the island easily on a scooter or take the bus that connects the various points and lets you enjoy the gorgeous sights without stress.